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Enormous Windows, Double Height Ceilings

Massive-WindowsAll Roebling Lofts units feature enormous factory windows: those on the east and west facades are 10’10” wide, and up to 14′ tall (depending on the floor and ceiling height). All units take advantage of high ceilings (16′ to 20′ tall) to provide a mix of double-height living rooms and sleeping platforms.

All units come with solar-mesh window treatments built-in. During the winter, you can adjust the shades to maximize solar heat gain; in the summer, you can reduce the air conditioning load by reducing the light coming through the windows. The window treatments also provide privacy.

Comprehensive Sound Insulation

It starts with old-fashioned, “solid as a rock” factory construction. The original, massive steel girders and 3″ thick, solid-wood sub-floors ensure a tremendously strong structure. We’ve then added in a substantial dose of 21st-century sound-insulation wizardry: sound bar technology (shown) reduces audio transmission from your next door neighbor: the sheet-rock is attached to horizontal “sound bars” that float within the clips, and are isolated by the pink rubber pads from transmitting sound to the vertical studs (of course, the walls themselves are stuffed with fiberglass and mineral-wool sound insulation). For lofts on the upper floors, the beautiful strand-woven bamboo finished-flooring sits on top of 3 sound-absorbing layers (top to bottom): 1) 2″ of gypsum-concrete — this super-heavy layer naturally resists sound vibration; 2) 2-layers of rubber matting — vibration which gets through the concrete is now absorbed by rubber mats; 3) 3″ solid wood sub floors (the original factory sub-flooring). Everything possible to make your loft quiet has been built into our quality construction.

Natural Ventilation Options

Ceiling FanAll windows provide awning-style panels that you can open for fresh air. Every unit has a ceiling fan above the full height area, to improve air circulation and reduce heating and cooling cost.

Deluxe Finishes and Fixtures

Strand-WovenThroughout every unit, flooring uses deluxe materials usually provided in only the most expensive apartments. There’s no carpeting anywhere. All units feature a mix of tile (for kitchens and bathrooms) and strand-woven bamboo for most other living spaces. Strand-woven bamboo has the appearance and wear-characteristics of hardwood, but is low VOC, and is milled from a readily renewable resource. First floor floor units have polished-concrete flooring (resembling marble) for the entry level living space.

Gourmet Kitchens with Induction Ranges

induction rangeThe kitchens in Roebling lofts will please even gourmet chefs. They’re fully equipped with all stainless appliances, dishwasher, built in microwave, and induction range, all Energy Star® rated. Countertops and cabinets are made from renewable or recycled, low VOC materials.

Induction ranges deliver the cleanliness and sustainability of electric energy, with the responsiveness of gas cooking. Induction ranges generate heat in ferrous cookware by magnetic induction rather than thermal conduction from a flame or heating element. Induction heats up more quickly than conventional stoves: heating performance is comparable to a gas range, but is considerably more energy efficient, and eliminates unburned hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, improving interior air quality.

The galley kitchens in Roebling Lofts are designed for casual entertainment. They look out over the living area: your friends can pull up a stool, and sit across the kitchen counter while you cook.

Built-in, energy-saving Washer/Dryers

LG Washer DryerEvery unit at Roebling Lofts comes complete with a built-in, energy saving LG washer and condenser-dryer. These appliances use a single tub for both washing and drying: this means you can load the washer in the morning before going to work, set a timer, and come home just as the full wash and dry cycle has completed.

LED Lighting

LED lightEnergy efficient LED lighting is built-in: illuminating the work areas, and the bathroom vanity. LED bulbs are 8 to 10x more energy efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs, and 2x more efficient than compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs last about 40x longer, and emit about 25x less heat. Compared to CFLs, they last 6-7x as long, emit about 8x less heat, and do not contain mercury (or any other toxic substance).

The LEDs used in Roebling Lofts have been designed to deliver a flattering color temperature.

“Fatigue Machine Lounge”

On the fourth floor, this lounge at the south end of the building will deliver perhaps the most unusual entertainment venue in the city. About half of the enormous 84’ x 28’ space is taken up by a preserved “fatigue machine” (used for testing, and depicted in this image from a 1932 Roebling Ad). The other half is a lounge for resident use, equipped with comfortable furniture, WiFi, wet bar, and rest-room. Guests will enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Tenants may reserve it for private events.Fatigue Machine

Work Out Room

Exercise BikeAdjacent to the Coffee Lounge, a 12’x10’ area of the lobby mezzanine will be set aside for a well-equipped gym, including exercise bicycle, elliptical trainer, treadmill, and a weight machine.

Conference Room/Office Center

Conference RoomA business center will be available for use by tenants during business hours, when not needed by the building manager, and may be reserved in advance for your personal business meetings. The room is approximately 12’-10” x 10’-6” and will be equipped with WiFi, a wall mounted, HD flat screen monitor, a comfortable conference table seating up to 8 people, and a color printer/scanner.


Pet FriendlyWe love animals! Tenants are allowed two pets per apartment: two dogs, two cats, or one of each. Breed restrictions and fees apply.

Coffee Lounge

CoffeeA generous area, approximately 9’ x 27’-6” is set aside for a coffee bar: comfortable chairs and sofas, café tables, a wet-bar where you can prepare coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Sit to chat with you neighbors, or take advantage of the building’s WiFi. Evenings, the space may be rented by tenants for private parties when not needed for building functions.

Enjoy the Air Quality of a Non-smoking Building

No smokingSmoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building or within 25 feet of the exterior.

Automated Package-Delivery Lockers

Delivery servucesNever miss a package delivery again! UPS, USPS, FedEx and other major carriers will be able to deliver packages during the day and deposit them in a secure locker in the lobby. The system automatically creates a one-time-use PIN that it emails or texts to your preferred contact address.

Comprehensive Security

Video camerasRoebling lofts will support extensive video security, including cameras on all of the entrances, the lobby, lounge entrances, and the parking area. A full time building manager is on-staff, and will generally be working during business hours. The Super is resident (see below).

Buzz-in visitors using your Smart Phone

Buzz in via smartphoneIf someone buzzes you from an entrance, you can set it up to ring your smart phone, and buzz them into the building from anywhere. If you’re running late, your friends can hang out in the lobby or mezzanine coffee lounge until you arrive.

Resident Super

Clearning materialsA highly trained and courteous Super is resident in the building, on-call 24×7. The Super can handle most maintenance issues, typically within an hour or two.

Bicycle Storage

Bike storageNo need to schlepp your bicycle to your loft, or figure out where to hang it. Store it in our ground floor bicycle room! Your building key fob will get you into the room; individual bicycles can be secured with your own locking system.

Electric Car Charging

Electric Car charging stationThinking about buying an Electric Car? Four of the parking spots in the lot are equipped with electric charging stations. We’re committing to adding to these stations as necessary to meet demand.

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