Protect Your Health and the Environment

Roebling Lofts is targeting LEED Gold certification, and will be one of a handful of residences in NJ to achieve this level. It’s a challenging target, one that demands hundreds of individual actions that collectively make it a healthy, energy efficient, and sustainable place to live.

  • Solar-Panels
    Rooftop solar panels
    Reduce Carbon
    powering common areas
  • State-of-the-art VRF heat pumps and control systems
    Save Energy.
    Improve Comfort.
  • bedroom ventilators
    ventilators in every bedroom
    Improve air quality.
    Separate thermostats and
    Save Energy.
  • glass-vanity-tops
    Enjoy Beauty.
    Conserve Landfills.
    from recycled glass.
    Bathroom vanity tops made
  • glass-tile
    Enjoy the Beauty.
    Support Recycling.
    Kitchen backsplash made
    from recycled glass tile
  • countertops
    Improve Air Quality.
    Support Recycling.
    recycled paper and low VOC resins.
    Kitchen counters made from
  • bamboo
    Improve Air Quality.
    Save Forests.
    made with low VOC finishes
    Strand-woven bamboo floors
  • window-shades
    High performance windows and solar shades
    Improve Comfort.
    Save Energy.
  • LED Lighting
    Save Energy.
    Ultra-efficient LED Lighting
    See Clearly.
  • showerhead
    Save Water.
    Low-flow showerheads and toilets
    Save Energy.
  • kitchen
    Energy Star rated appliances
    Save Energy.
    Entertain Easy.
  • stove
    Induction range standard in all units.
    Cook Great Meals.
    Improve Air Quality.