Brooklyn II Moderate - available now! 

1 BR/1 BA - 894 SF

Rents start at $1,178!

This income-restricted loft delivers extra living space enabling a dining or work area. It provides substantial energy savings in an exciting 2-level design.

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  • Exposed steel beams. Ceiling height from 15'-10" to 22' depending on floor.
  • Window, 10'-10" wide, with superb thermal and audio insulation. Built-in solar window treatments.
  • Energy-saving VRF central air/heating and LED lighting; water-saving fixtures.
  • Ceiling fan and 2-zone heating controls ensure energy-efficient comfort in bedroom and living area.
  • Spiral stairs to platform bedroom.
  • Deluxe gourmet kitchen including induction range and stainless, energy-star appliances.
  • Front-loading, energy and water saving washer/condenser-dryer.
  • Hip finishes and fixtures with extensive use of recycled materials. All low- or no-VOC.
  • No carpeting anywhere! Premium flooring throughout (varies by floor)

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