• sink-with-recycle-logo
    from recycled paper
    Richlite countertops
    Undermount sink
    Integrated faucet/sprayer
  • Kitchen-backsplash
    Ceramic tile (floors 2-4)
    recycled glass
    Tile backsplash from
    Deluxe stainless appliances
  • bamboo-flooring-sustainable
    looks & wears like hardwood
    renews in 3 years, not decades
    Strand woven bamboo:
  • Bath-Faucet-recycled
    from recycled glass
    Luxury faucets & fittings
    Vanity tops made

You’ll appreciate the beautiful design care with big details and small. Wherever possible, we’ve selected a green material that takes advantage of recycled materials. In all cases, we’ve selected low- or no-VOC materials and finishes to ensure the highest possible air quality.