• Flooring-Sound Insulation
    Multi-Layer, Hi-Tech Sound Insulation in Flooring
  • New Subflooring
    Replacement subflooring ready to be installed
  • Foam padding
    Double layer of foam
    padding being installed
  • Pouring Gypcrete Sound Insulation
    2" thick gypcrete slab getting poured

It starts with old-fashioned, “solid as a rock” factory construction. The original, massive steel girders and 3″ thick, solid-wood sub-floors ensure a tremendously strong structure. We’ve then added in a substantial dose of 21st-century sound-insulation wizardry: for both walls and flooring.

In the demising walls, sound bar technology reduces audio transmission from your next door neighbor: the sheet-rock is attached to horizontal “sound bars” that float within the clips, and are isolated by the pink rubber pads from transmitting sound to the vertical studs (of course, the walls themselves are stuffed with fiberglass and mineral-wool sound insulation).

The beautiful strand-woven bamboo finished-flooring sits on top of 3 sound-absorbing layers (top to bottom): 1) 2″ of gypsum-concrete — this super-heavy layer naturally resists sound vibration; 2) 2-layers of rubber matting — vibration which gets through the concrete is now absorbed by rubber mats; 3) 3″ solid wood sub floors (the original factory sub-flooring). Everything possible to make your loft quiet has been built into our quality construction.