The kitchens in Roebling lofts will please even gourmet chefs. They’re fully equipped with all stainless appliances, dishwasher, built in microwave, and induction range, all Energy Star® rated (where applicable). Countertops and cabinets are made from renewable or recycled, low VOC materials. For example, the countertops are made from RichLite, a material based on 100% recycled paper, and the backsplash tile was created from recycled glass.

Induction ranges deliver the cleanliness and sustainability of electric energy, with the responsiveness of gas cooking. Induction ranges generate heat in ferrous cookware by magnetic induction rather than thermal conduction from a flame or heating element. Induction heats up more quickly than conventional stoves: heating performance is comparable to a gas range, but is considerably more energy efficient, and eliminates unburned hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, improving interior air quality.

The galley kitchens in Roebling Lofts are designed for casual entertainment. They look out over the living area: your friends can pull up a stool, and sit across the kitchen counter while you cook.