Manhattan I LR
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Twenty-eight (28) 1-BR units at Roebling Lofts are reserved for 1-person families with gross incomes under $55,557/yr, or 2-person families with gross incomes under $63,494, with rents starting at $1,085/month. Twenty-four (24) of these units are “Manhattan” Units of 785 SF; four (4) are the larger “Brooklyn” units ranging from 894 to 911 SF. These units are in all respects identical to the market-rate units, featuring the same finishes, appliances, and amenities.

Qualifying income verification is based on the combined income of your household at the time you initially lease the unit. All other qualifications such as credit and background criteria are identical to those for market-rate tenants. There is no income re-verification after you move in: your rent will not go up if your income increases, neither will you need to move to a market-rate unit. Moderate Income units are leased on a first-come, first-served basis as they become available.

Income limits are recalculated annually by the State of NJ.  Measurements are approximate, based on architectural drawings. As-built dimensions may differ. Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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