Living/Dining Area

All Roebling Lofts are beautiful. But we appreciate that there are many exceptional loft styles no longer available. As a reward to our residents, we provide early notification to existing residents before putting newly available units back on the market. Here’s how it works.

  • As a resident, join the waiting list for specific units of interest by notifying the leasing office
  • If and when one of the units comes available, we will notify all residents on our list via email at least 5 days before putting the unit back on the market
  • You need to respond within 3 business days of the notification being sent out to be guaranteed preferred access*

If your application is successful, to transfer, you will need to sign a new lease for 12 months from the date of availability.  If the new model leases for $50/month or more than your current unit, we will waive the normal $500 transfer fee.


*In case more than one resident expresses interest in the same unit, preference will be given to tenants with the best payment record and longest tenure.