To be considered for a moderate income loft, please submit the form below. We will process the form at our leasing office, and should confirm within 3 business days that you’ve been added to the waiting list (please call our office at 609-393-3110 if you don’t hear from us within this time-frame).

Note: all Moderate income units at Roebling Lofts are 1-bedroom and, by state housing rules, limited to maximum occupancy by two persons (yourself plus no more than one additional adult or child). Please fill out the form to the best of your ability at this time. However, you will NOT be required to provide supporting documentation until we request your application for a specific, available unit.

Once you join the list, you will remain eligible for 12 months. You can retain your place on the list for longer than 12 months by resubmitting this form within the year, selecting the “renew” button below.