Beautiful Art, Space (Pt 3)

Click on icon in right hand corner of the viewer to view full screen Steve Shilling – Photography (Mezzanine Lobby Stairs) [vrview img=””]   Amy Louise Lee – Metal on canvas (Main Lobby/Foyer) [vrview img=””]

We’re Open!


Thanks to a lot of hard work by our construction team, including managers W.S. Cumby and a slew of contractors, Roebling Lofts is now open and residents are moving in. As of the date of this post, the 3rd and 4th Floors are both open. The second and first floors will be following soon. We’re […]

A Kitchen


Every loft in Roebling Lofts is equipped with a kitchen that is not only beautiful, but also delivers true gourmet functionality.  Every one is equipped with an induction range:  this delivers the heat response of a gas stove, with the cleanliness of electric cooking.

The Elevator


We’re scrambling to open the third floor for occupancy. Final inspections are progressing well, and we’re hoping to make an exciting announcement any day now. In any event, on Friday, June 9, our elevator passed its state inspection, and we’re now free to use it!

Electricity and Bathrooms (360 view)

Man I Bath

Electricity is now on in the building, so we can turn on the lights and photograph a bathroom (finally!!!). Our first tenants will be able to move in very soon!

Manhattan I Completed


Here’s a series of photographs of a completed Manhattan I unit. While this is our least expensive loft, there’s nothing cheap about the detailing or the care that went into our design. All of us are very proud of how it’s turned out!

Flooring, the Final Frontier!


The last big construction step before we can move people into Roebling Lofts is that we need to install the finish flooring. Second through fourth floor units get strand woven bamboo on the entry level. Installation started today. It won’t be long now!

Like Nice Fixtures?

Bathroom Faucet

The importance of nice plumbing fixtures is often underrated, since they’re something you use every day.  A beautiful fixture delivers continual, small doses of pleasure.  Two of the three HHG developers are architects, which has allowed an obsessive level of attention to the smallest details, including the fixtures.

Like Exposed Brick?

Manhattan III

Of the 138 units in Roebling Lofts, 12 have at least one complete wall of exposed brick: four Manhattan units, one Lindbergh unit, and one Wright Bros Unit (all of which feature a brick wall across the whole living area); plus six Neversink units (brick in the entry-level bedrooms).