Space. Light. Air.

All of Our Lofts Deliver superb Living Spaces

All of our lofts support a comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient life-style.  All feature tall ceilings and immense, high-performance windows.  Every loft features a gourmet kitchen, dishwasher, large closets, and a washer/dryer.

& Platforms

Every Roebling Loft takes advantage of the high ceilings to provide a platform bedroom accessible via spiral stairs.

Most platform bedrooms are open and overlook the living room.  One bedroom lofts all have open platform bedrooms.  Two bedroom lofts have an enclosed ground floor bedroom as well. Our Niagara series 2-bedroom lofts provide an enclosed platform bedroom with nearly 10′ ceilings.

Gourmet Kitchens

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Open Island

Every kitchen features an island overlooking the living area that doubles as a breakfast nook and a convivial prep counter.

All Stainless Appliances

Every loft is equipped with stainless refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and range with induction cooktop and convection oven.

Induction Range

Every loft is equipped with an induction range. For gourmet cooks, it provides the responsiveness of a gas range, without the release of harmful pollutants.

Ample Storage

All lofts , from our most basic to most deluxe, offer unusually generous kitchen storage space.

Fixtures & Finishes

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High Performance Windows and Solar Shades

10'10" wide window with exceptional sound and thermal insulation. Solar shades provide privacy and allow control of solar heat gain.

All LED Lighting

All lighting fixtures use energy-efficient LED’s with great color rendering. Never change a bulb again! The lofts will repair any LED that fails through normal use at no charge to you.

Ceiling Fans

Every loft is equipped with one or more ceiling fans to ensure air circulation and improve HVAC efficiency

Gorgeous Fixtures

High quality, modern fixtures with attractive vanities and countertops.

Thinking of joining our community?

We have limited availability, so your best bet is to apply now.  Alternatively, please reach out to schedule a tour.