(January 27, 2016) HHG Development Associates, LLC announced today that its financing for Roebling Lofts has been completed.

Fulton Bank of NJ will be leading the investment, providing construction debt, long-term debt, and tax-credit financing. The Bank of Princeton will be participating in the construction and long-term debt financing.

“We’re thrilled to complete this essential stage of the project. Between the debt and tax-credit investments now completed, we have in place the money we need to build Roebling Lofts,” said Michael Goldstein, Co-Manager of HHG, who is responsible for finance and marketing. “We’re pleased that Fulton Bank of NJ and Bank of Princeton, both local, are committed to working with us, helping to accelerate Trenton’s renaissance, which is well underway.”

“Construction will begin February 1st, weather permitting!” said David Henderson, HHG’s other Co-Manager, who is responsible design and construction. “We now have the funds we need to build the most exciting loft development in New Jersey.”

Roebling Lofts is a 138-unit multi-family residence, being converted from a John A. Roebling Sons’ Company factory in the Chambersburg section of Trenton. It is located between the Sun Bank Arena (across 129), and Roebling Market (across Clark St). The Hamilton Avenue River Line station is on-site. Completion is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017.