Finishing work on the fourth floor is moving rapidly to completion!  Most of the units on the second floor are 2 Bedroom/2 Bath units which fall into either the “Lindbergh” or “Wright Brothers” floor-plan types.  It seemed appropriate to name these top-floor units after two of the most famous aviators in history, both of whom used Roebling wire rope in their iconic airplanes.  In Lindbergh’s case, it’s quite likely that the wire rope used in the Spirit of St. Louis was spun in this very factory!

Platforms & Roof Trusses

Both units types feature a platform bedroom with an exposed roof truss.  This image shows a Wright Bros II unit, and we’ve used a little digital magic to add furniture.  While taking this picture, I was actually standing in the door frame of the bathroom, go get a little better angle on the bedroom.  Note, if you’re viewing this on a large screen, you can click on every image on this page to enlarge it. 

Just sneaking into the upper right hand corner of this image, you see a the bottom of the clerestory windows that give extra light to the back of the platform.  Note that the completed units will have electric shades so you can control the light (say, if you’re planning to sleep in).


Clerestory in Lindbergh Unit
Looking up at clerestory from bedroom platform (Lindbergh I nearing completion)
Looking onto living room
Looking onto living room of a Wright Bros II unit nearing completion.

Lindbergh – External Bedroom

Lindbergh and Wright Brothers units each take up a “bay and a half” of the building.  In both, the kitchen, living room, and sleeping platform take up a full bay.  The bedroom and downstairs bath are located in the half-bay: in the case of the Lindbergh, it’s along the exterior of the building.

The downstairs bedroom connects through its own door to the bathroom (which has a second door to the living room).  This means that guests don’t have to walk through your bedroom to use the bathroom.  There’s a walk in closet off the bedroom, with a pull down stairs to an “attic” storage area above the closet and bath.


Lindbergh I living room
lindbergh I bedroom ceiling
Lindbergh I bedroom ceiling

Wright Bros – Internal Bedroom

If Lindbergh is “yin”, Wright Bros is “yang”.  The second bedroom is located internally, but lit by the clerestory.  This gives it a tremendous sense and height:  the peak of the clerestory is a full 24′ above the floor!  As on the platform, there are motorized window shades so you can control the light in the bedroom.

As you go down the hall on the 4th floor, Wright Bros and Lindbergh units alternate, each taking up a bay-and-a-half: yin and yang.  Both are spectacular 2 BR/2 BA lofts.

Wright Bros II bedroom ceiling

Wright Bros II living room
wright bros II bedroom
Wright bros II bedroom nearing completion – floor to ceiling