Early June

Construction has continued at a good clip, though there haven’t been a lot of “new” image opportunities.  It’s been a lot of the same stuff.  On the north end of the building, masons are building the fire stair well.  3rd floor framing is nearly complete, the roof deck is done.  Soon, masonry restoration will start […]

3rd Floor Framing (2016-05-08)


The 3rd floor is the most advanced in the building, with lofts units being framed-out rapidly. While it’s still early, the high ceiling heights and beauty of the i-beams are now evident. The sub-floor-boards will be exposed in the ceilings.  Click to enlarge. Photos by Barbara Hatch



  The 4th floor of Roebling Lofts will be an extraordinary place to live, as is becoming evident in this construction photo. Most of these units will be two bedroom. The steel trusses will be exposed, and every unit will get light from these clerestory windows, with 16-24′ ceilings.

2016-04-25 Construction Photos

Corridor Framing

As of late April, the subfloor replacement on floors 2-4 has continued.  New, the roof deck is now being installed.  Also, on the third floor you can see the first evidence of interior framing:  the corridor with entrance doors is now being demised.

2016-03-21 Construction Photos


As of March 21, focus was on prepping the top floor: cleaning out the rotten roofing materials (to replace with a new roof); clearing the window openings, patching sub-flooring.  Note a temporary staircase was built on the north facade in order to facilitate safe access.

2016-03-16 Construction Photos

Fatigue machine gearing

Focus has been on demolition of unusable materials: the old roof, cutting away rotten parts of the sub-floor, removing windows.