Flooring, the Final Frontier!


The last big construction step before we can move people into Roebling Lofts is that we need to install the finish flooring. Second through fourth floor units get strand woven bamboo on the entry level. Installation started today. It won’t be long now!

Like Nice Fixtures?

Bathroom Faucet

The importance of nice plumbing fixtures is often underrated, since they’re something you use every day.  A beautiful fixture delivers continual, small doses of pleasure.  Two of the three HHG developers are architects, which has allowed an obsessive level of attention to the smallest details, including the fixtures.

Like Exposed Brick?

Manhattan III

Of the 138 units in Roebling Lofts, 12 have at least one complete wall of exposed brick: four Manhattan units, one Lindbergh unit, and one Wright Bros Unit (all of which feature a brick wall across the whole living area); plus six Neversink units (brick in the entry-level bedrooms).

Finishing Up the 3rd Floor

LED kitchen work lights

If you’re following us closely, you know we’re opening up the north end of the 3rd floor first. A lot has to happen before we can do that, but then again we have a couple of hundred people working on it. The signs of completion are everywhere as you walk through the building.

Yin and Yang

Roof Truss

Finishing work on the fourth floor is moving rapidly to completion!  Most of the units on the second floor are 2 Bedroom/2 Bath units which fall into either the “Lindbergh” or “Wright Brothers” floor-plan types.  It seemed appropriate to name these top-floor units after two of the most famous aviators in history, both of whom […]

GWB, You Beauty!!

GWB II Windows

For weeks, construction has been racing ahead, unfortunately too often behind those ugly temporary windows. Finally, the window factory has caught up, and most windows on the third and fourth floors are in, which means we can show the lofts under construction behind them. Here’s my personal favorite, the GWB. Located on the NW corner […]

Looky, looky!


Wonder what it’s going to be like when we’re done? So do we! We took construction photos of two actual 3rd floor units: 1) Brooklyn I (top) and 2) Manhattan I (bottom). The ceiling, spiral stairs, and window (including the view) are real. We then photoshopped in the finished floor and the sun shade, and […]

Pre-Leasing Special


Sign a lease now on any Roebling Lofts unit, and pay only a $500 security deposit. This represents a substantial savings on our standard security deposit of 1-month’s rent. We’ll also provide your initial 6-months of parking in our video-monitored parking lot for free, a $300 value. Note: this offer may be modified or withdrawn […]

Finishing Signs

cabinets going in

January 4, 2017, we’re opening a temporary Leasing Office in a trailer on-site. We anticipate the first lofts will be occupied in March of this year. How is that possible? Well, behind those temporary windows there’s a LOT going on!

Sound Decisions

Floor padding

“Good fences make good neighbors”, so the saying goes. In a loft building, sound resistant walls serve the same function. Roebling Lofts is built to be as quiet as possible, taking advantage of old-fashioned strength, and high-tech wizardry.