Santa’s Rooftop View

rooftop featured image

Every year in the wee hours of the night, Santa will be able to see, right up on the roof, the infrastructure for the extraordinary green systems that support Roebling Lofts. In particular, the solar panels, and the exceptionally efficient heat pumps. Recently we made the trek, and came back with these images…

Window, Window, Through the Wall

First Window

Construction reached another major milestone last week, when the first actual window was installed.  This is the start of a 5-week process.  These are massive, ultra high performance windows, and are very heavy.  I had the pleasure of watching a very professional crew work through installing the very first one.

(Sheet)Rocking All Day Long!


Construction is continuing at a rapid pace.  Finish work on the third and fourth floors is blazing along behind temporary windows, with sound insulation and sheet rock going into most units.  Framing on the second floor is just a month or so behind.

The Railyard in VR!


Wondering what Roebling Lofts and Center will be like when they’re all done? Here’s a sneak peak thanks to our architects and cutting edge virtual reality technology: the same basic CAD models used to design the complex helped generate these 3-D views.

Sound Breaker Bars, etc.

Finishing work on 3rd and 4th floor units is moving along very quickly, and if you look closely, you can see the quality of construction methods and materials.  Most units on those floors are completely framed-out with stairs installed.  Electrical and plumbing work is now in full swing.  Check out the sound breaker bars!  Effectively […]

Stairs are Installed!!!

3rd floor unit with stairs

Work across the entire project is going well. The 3rd floor is most advanced, with many units now framed out, and spiral stairs installed. Plumbing, electric, sprinklers, and other systems are going in rapidly. Just behind the 3rd floor, is the 4th, with truly dramatic, mostly 2-bedroom units, going in. Very cool!!

July 25 Construction Update


Since our last update, we’ve made solid progress over a number of fronts.  Clerestory windows are now installed.  Framing continues on the 3rd and 4th floors.  Plumbing and electric work is gaining momentum, particularly on the 3rd floor.  2nd floor is nearly ready for framing to start.  Utilities are being trenched below the first floor, […]

July 26 – Construction Trades Job Fair!

Cumby Logo

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 – Roebling Lofts Construction Site – 71 Clark St, Trenton NJ 1 PM to 4 PM W.S. Cumby, Builders and Construction Managers, will be hosting a Job Fair for residents of Trenton, NJ on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 from 1:00PM to 4:00PM at the site of the future Roebling Lofts, 71 […]

July 1 Construction Update

featured 4th floor framing

Friday, July 1.  The site is quiet today, as a lot of the guys are taking an early break for the long weekend.  But they’ve been busy the last couple of weeks.  Construction has really accelerated on the 4th floor, and it looks amazing.  

Stairs & Roof

Spiral Stairs

Lots happening!  First spiral stairs going in!  Roof getting solar panel attachment points and insulation.  Steel lintels installed in preparation for elevator lobbies.  3rd floor framing moving forward, and 4th floor prep.  Wow!